Case Study De-stack of Veronish 2500

De-stack of Veronish 2500

 JHK were called upon to use our SL400 telescopic hydraulic gantry to de-stack a Veronish 2500 Mechanical Power Press at GKN Wheels, Telford.


This time lapse video shows our gantry in all its glory!

After the press was prepared for de-stacking, the JHK team arrived on site and laid out our Enerpac Gantry trackway in such a way to allow for all lifting operations, without the need to reconfigure the trackway.

The Crown (100T) was rigged direct from lift links using shackles.

Once the crown was lowered into support stools, links were moved in and positioned above lift points on the press slide (50T).

The slide was lifted clear of press side frames and moved along the trackway, pausing above the press crown, to allow our rigging crew to jump two sections of trackway.

The slide was then carried along the track and lowered onto the floor.

Once the side frames had been removed with an overhead crane, JHK completed the job by lifting the base (60T) clear of the foundation.